How To Set Up Outlook 2007 For Your Excite Email Account
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Here are the steps that will show you how to set up your Outlook 2007 client to work with your Excite email account.
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If you are an Excite Email Gold subscriber and would like to use Outlook 2007 to access and manage your account, you need to designate a new account in Outlook to access your Excite Inbox. To do so, complete the following steps:

Open up Outlook 2007 and go to Tools \ Account Settings…
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Under Account Settings choose the E-mail tab and click on New.
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Enter in all of your yahoo account information, make sure there is no check next to Manually configure server. You do not have to go through these extra steps. Just click on Next.
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After Outlook has successfully configured the e-mail server settings you can go ahead and click Finish.
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Go back to your inbox and hit send/receive and you are done!

If you are having problems with the automatic setup, you'll need to choose the "Manually Configure Server" option, and then fill in your details as follows:
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Here are the important settings:

• Email Address: Your full excite address
• Incoming Mail Server:
• Outgoing Mail Server: (Note: If you have problems with sending email you may have to check with your internet provider, as they often require you to send email through their system.
• User Name: Your full excite email address.

Do not check the box next to "Require logon Secure Password Authentication (SPA)."

Now you'll need to click on the More Settings… button, and check the box on the Outgoing Server tab for "My outgoing server requires authentication"

Click the Ok button.

Click Test Account Settings... After receiving 'Congratulations! All tests completed successfully', click Close. Click Next, and then click Finish.

Go back to your inbox and hit send/receive and you are done!
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