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Don’t you hate when you buy something and there are no instructions? Or maybe you would like to learn how to cook? NeedInstructions.com is a site that can help you with these issues. NeedInstructions.com is the world's most popular place to find clear instructions on how to do just about everything, as well as help you obtain missing instructions and manuals.

NeedInstructions.com has a rapidly growing library of Instructions, Manuals and How To’s created by NeedInstructions.com members.

NeedInstructions.com invites you to become a NeedInstruction.com member, where you'll be able to upload Instructions, Manuals, and relink How To articles. You can also even write your own instruction articles.

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If you are a member of the press and interested in learning more about our website or company, please submit your inquiry to info@needinstructions.com stating the subject as "Press Interest."

How much does it cost to use NeedInstructions.com?

NeedInstructions.com is free of charge for all users. Therefore we do not charge money to read NeedInstructions.com instructions. All we ask you to do is join the NeedInstructions.com community, and even contribute content to the site if you like.

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NeedInstructions.com is ODesk's April 2009 Site Of The Month

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