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Are you looking to make some extra cash? Or maybe you’re just tired of your job and you are looking for something else? Or it could just be you’re tired of working for someone and you want to be the boss? If you answered yes to all these questions, is probably the place for you. is an online site that allows you to find remote work where you can work from home. At you can find many full time positions or even part time positions to extra some extra cash. This instruction will show you what you need to do to setup your account so that you can start making the money you want as well as setting your own hours!
First, sign up for a free account with You can sign up at
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Once you go to oDesk’s sign up page you will have 3 selections to choose from. Here you will want to select and click on option 2, “Freelance Provider”
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Next you will need to fill in all the required fields to create your account.
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You will have to complete the following Odesk objectives before your account is activated.

* Verify your email address
* Fill out contact information
* Complete your oDesk Profile
* Accept the oDesk Marketplace User Agreement
The “Verify your email address” and email should be sent to your registered email address where you will have to click on the link oDesk provided to you. Once you have clicked on this link, your email address will have been verified by
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Once you have verified your email address you will want to enter your contact information. Here you will fill in your home address, phone number, time zone, and messenger user id.
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Next you’re going to want to complete your oDesk profile. Here you will select and enter the job categories you are interested in working for. You will also enter your primary job role, hourly rate, availability, and title.
Once you have updated your oDesk profile you will need to read and accept oDesk’s “Marketplace User Agreement.” Please read the agreement and accept the agreement if you agree to there terms.
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Now that you have completed Odesk’s check list, you can now fully finish creating your oDesk profile. To do this, you will have to select on “Profile & Settings” on the top right corner. From there you will find a link called, “My Provider Profile.” Click on this link. From here you can add your portrait, create/upload your resume, and update your contact info if need be.
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Once your profile has been create and fully updated you will then need to add your payment information. Here you can enter in how you want to get paid. To enter in this information you will want to select the “Payments” link and the select the “Payment Methods” option. From here you can select your payment method.
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Next download and install all the oDesk’s software. This software is used by oDesk to track and record your work and hours while working on client assignments. You can find the oDesk software at the following link.
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After you have downloaded and installed oDesk’s software, you’re ready to find your dream job. To do this you will select the “Find Providers & Jobs” link on the top right corner or the site. There, a list of options will appear, you then will want to select “Find Jobs” link. You will be able to search for all the open jobs within
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Once you have found the jobs you are interested in you can now start applying for the jobs that interest you. To apply for a job on oDesk simply click on the “Apply” button associated with the job that interests you. When you apply, state to the employer why you are a good candidate for this position. Provide a detailed explanation. Many providers are looking for well written cover letters to make sure you fully understand the requirements of the job.
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Now, sit and wait to hear from the providers to request an interview with you. Here is where you need to put your game face on and show the provider why you are the best for the job. Most providers on oDesk will either ask to interview by phone, instant messenger, or email. Whatever it maybe, you should make yourself available. Remember to be positive and be very honest to all the questions the provider may ask you. Getting caught in a lie is unprofessional and it can withhold you from getting future positions on
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Lastly, once the interview process has finished, it is good to send a thank you email to the provider. This is an extra incentive to have the provider remember you. Just because he doesn’t hire you for the current job, he may have future work which he might think of you for. Good Luck!
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