How To Save Money On Utilities In 20 Different Ways
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Ideas for conserving energy and saving money on utilities.
Turn off all appliances that aren’t being used. When you leave a room make sure the fan, light, television, etc. is off.
Program your thermostat. This is a great way to save money and keep your home at the perfect temperature during the times you are there. The idea is to have the thermostat automatically set to a lower temperature when you are gone and turn back on before you come home.
Close the vents in all the rooms not used. This is a great way to redirect the heat or air conditioning to the spaces you do occupy.
Let your clothes line dry. The dryer wastes a lot of energy and is said to remove heat from your house. Purchase a drying rack and let your clothes dry naturally. Also, do not run the dryer for only one
Invest in a toaster oven. If you are making something small, pop it in the toaster oven. It will cook a lot faster and take a lot less energy.
Always do full loads of laundry. The most cost efficient way to use your washing machine is doing only large loads at a time.
Tide now has a line of laundry detergent that claims to clean close just as well in cold water. Not having to heat the water in the washing machine can potentially save a lot of money
Fix a running toilet promptly. If you have a toilet running, that is a lot of extra water being used for no reason. Fix this and any other leaks in the house as soon as you can
Whenever possible, use fans over A.C. It costs less to run fans than an A.C. unit. Fans will also help circulate warm air during winter months.
Keep doors and windows closed. Heat and air conditioning escape quickly through open doors and windows. If you are running your HVAC, make sure to be conscious of doors and windows.
Use lamps instead of overhead lighting. It takes less energy to run a lamp. Remember that next time you are reading or only need localized light
Be more active outdoors. Also, encourage your children to play outside. Not only is it better for your overall health, if you are outside then you are most likely not running the television, computer, playing video games or using any other electronics.
Change air filters. This will help your HVAC perform better.
Don’t leave water running when shaving or brushing your teeth. You hear this all the time, but people often do this without thinking. Make an effort to turn the water off whenever possible.
There are now kits you can install to your water faucets that will help them deliver hot water quickly. It will take a matter of seconds to get water hot, eliminating all the extra water we often use waiting for our sink to warm up.
Turn down water heater a few degrees. You won’t notice the change and it can save money.
Leave the oven door open after use. If you have used the oven, you might as well get the most out of the energy produced. If it is winter and you want to heat the house, always leave the oven open after cooking.
If have a wood burning fire place, use it whenever you can. It costs a lot less to burn wood then run a central heating system.
Using space heaters, although it is dangerous to leave them unattended, it is a great way to heat up a room without having to heat up the whole house.
Invest in bundle packages. Several companies are now bundling many of your monthly services on one bill for a cheaper rate. Cable, telephone and internet are often grouped together in order to provide you savings.
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