Five Places to Invest Your Money
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Ideas of places to invest your money.
Although people who invested in real estate five years ago are seriously wishing they hadn’t, right now is an excellent time to buy a house. Interest rates are at an all time low and housing prices have decreased almost 60% in the last year. Additionally, more than half the houses on the market today are foreclosed properties. Being that the bank does not want to hold in to these homes any longer than they have to; there are some phenomenal deals out there.
With the stock market being all over the place, many people would prefer to invest in some safer alternatives. CD’s are always a good choice. The internet is very helpful when shopping around for the best rates. The one thing to remember with CD’s is that if you remove your money before the allocated time, you will pay a penalty. It is also important to keep on top of these investments being that if you do not withdraw your money within the designated time frame of the CD expiring, it will automatically renew.
If you are someone who likes to always have access to your money, but would like to earn more than the minimal interest of a checking account, you should look into high yielding savings accounts offered by most banks. There are also online banking divisions that offer higher yields on money and allow you to withdraw with no penalty. A good example of one of these is Emigrant Direct, whose website is
Another safe alternative for your money is government t-bills. T-bills are a negotiated debt from the government issued for a short term, usually a year or less. They are more or less securities that the government will sell you at a discounted rate and buy back later at a higher price. It is a way that the US government raises money by essentially borrowing from the general public.
For those brave souls out there, the stock market is trading lower than it has in decades. It is an excellent place to put your money if you are willing to do a little research and keep up on your stock picks. It isn’t as difficult as you may think and stocks have repeatedly outperformed all other investment opportunities throughout the years.
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