How to Have an Outstanding Interview
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Interviews are tuff, and everyone hates them. But once you clear that hurdle you are off to start your new job. To help you get over this hurdle, I have put together this instruction to help you have an outstanding interview!
Do your homework! It is important to do research about the company. You want to sound as knowledgeable as possible about the position you are applying for.
Have names, phone #’s and addresses of at least 3 references. This is a big part of showing you have properly prepared for the interview.
Use sir or mam, unless told otherwise. You want to show respect at all times throughout the interview.
Arrive early in case there are additional forms that they need you to fill out. Punctuality is a trait all employers look for, so arriving early is a must!
Bring 2-3 copies of your resume. A lot of times there will be more than one person conducting the interview. You want to make sure you can hand out your resume to all those who may not have a copy if needed.
Smile easily and don’t be afraid to joke or laugh. You want your personality to come through during the interview so that you can separate yourself from the other candidates.
Be the first to stick out your hand in greeting. This shows confidence and initiative, which are important characteristics employers look for.
Be enthusiastic and excited about the interview. People often piggy back on other people’s emotions. If you are excited about the job, it may cause the employer to be excited about hiring you. People also want to hire people they feel are passionate about their company.
Don’t be afraid to engage in small talk. Sometimes this is the best way to trigger the employer’s brain at a later point when he is going back over all the interviews he/she conducted.
Always look for opportunities to demonstrate what you have in common with people, i.e. if you go into someone’s office for interview and see that they have pictures of golf, fishing, or little league teams, and you also have an interest, seize the initiative and talk about your mutual interest. People like to hire people like themselves, it is common nature.
Stay away from controversial topics. This should go without saying, but do not comment on race, religion or politics during an interview. Offending one person in even the smallest way is the fastest route to not getting hired.
Look people in the eye. This will make you seem more secure and allow you to connect more with your potential future employer.
First impressions are key! Make sure to present yourself well. This means wearing your best business attire to the interview.
Always be positive and optimistic. Avoid any negative comments about previous co-workers, employers or customers. If you show any clue of tension between you and your previous working situation, it will only present the possibility to the employer that you are difficult to get along with.
Ask what they are looking for or what specific duties are required of the job you are applying for as quickly as possible. Then look for ways to correlate your past experiences to the exact type of things they are looking for in their ideal candidate.
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