How to Develop Better Work Habits
Posted By: hierh2dm; Category: Business, Finance & Industrial; April 19, 2010
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Here is a great instruction that will give you some great tips for being more productive at work!
Visualize your entire day the night before. Sometimes it is not enough to simply make a “To Do” List. Try taking that list and using it to actually visualize yourself getting those things done throughout the day. That way you are already planning what part of the day you will be doing what thing. This will help save you time.
Learn about yourself. Try and pay attention to the times that you are concentrating hard and are 100% focused on your work. What are the factors that are contributing to your improved work ethic? Learn what they are and use them to your advantage.
Set up a comfortable and productive work environment. This means removing any and all distractions from the designated area, the quieter the better.
Team up with another person. Two heads are always better than one! Try partnering up with someone for the sole purpose of pushing each other.
Think positively! Never consider a task too difficult or a job too overwhelming. Take everything one step at a time, continuously keeping a good attitude as you work.
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