How To Make a Comprehensive Resume
Posted By: ava; Category: Careers & Work; November 1, 2008
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Creating a resume that adequately and accurately represents your experience is not easy. But with these resume-making tips it should help you secure your new job!
Identify your objective. What is my goal? Why am I applying for this job? Be precise and write it down on the first of your resume.
List down significant credentials. Lengthy resumes may tire the reader so make sure that you list down only the credentials relative to your work.
Positioning. What will make you qualify for the job? Position yourself towards the requirements of the job. Make your employer realize that you are the “perfect fit” to the position.
List down achievements properly. Which among your achievements are inline with the job requirements? Prioritize these ones and list it down in the first part.
Be specific. Be specific in identifying previous job responsibilities. Identify your role in the project.
Proofread over and over again. Whether you’re printing a hard copy or passing it online, read it over and over again. Typographical errors are a big turn off so make sure your resume contents are properly spelled.
Make it easy to read. Use a readable font. Times New Roman or Verdana in size 12 would be highly recommended.
Avoid listing irrelevant information. Forget your elementary accomplishments. Just list down what is relevant to the job requirement.
Take credit of your accomplishments. Don’t brag but be ready to take credit of your previous accomplishments.
Post it online. The internet is very powerful. Posting your resume online will give you a global market of employers.
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