How To Keep Your Work Desk Tidy
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We can work a lot better inside the office when we have a tidy desk to work on with. Here are tips on how to keep your work desk clean and orderly despite your hectic schedule.
Make sure to always clean up your daily mess. Before you go home, take time to put things in order and take time to put throw everything unneeded into the trash can.
Be ready with your clutter boxes. The major source of clutters is the little things like paper clips and staple wires that we use frequently. Put all the little stuff into a clutter box to ensure that you have a clutter-free desk all the time.
Always keep a pen holder in your desk. Stack your pens into it every after use.
Keep a trash can under your desk. Throw your unwanted scratch papers right away.
Prepare a recycle / scratch box. Know which is and which is not usable. Scratch papers can be turned into a draft memo pad so keep scratch paper on file.
Get paper-free as often as possible. If you can keep documents unprinted, the better. This saves you from the biggest source of trash inside the workplace – paper.
Pile up all books and magazines under your table. Take them out only when you need them then remember to put them back neatly and orderly after use.
Keep your personal displays in one side. If you have picture frames or other memorabilia, keep them arranged in one side of your desk.
Keep a paper rack at your reach. All unused or used paper goes to the paper rack. Put labels in your rack. Your labels may include “recyclable”, “non-recyclable”, “scratch”, “for further checking”, “urgent” and the like.
Bear in mind that cleaning up is not a consequence but a responsibility so always make sure that you clean up your mess everyday.
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