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Learn how to join Google, Google+ and follow the KnowledgeCoop's Google+ business page
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Get your free Google (gmail) account with automatic access to Google Docs, Google+, and much more (all free). To get started point your browser to Whether you already have a Google account or not, on the upper left corner of your screen, you will click where it says +You.
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The next page that you will see is the sign-on / sign-up screen. If you already have a Google account, simply sign on here. If you do not, in the upper right hand corner click the Sign-Up and follow the prompts. Congrats, you now have a Google (gmail) account.
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Once you have logged in (existing account, or created your new account), click the +You in the upper left corner again. You will begin your Google+ setup with the first of 3 steps. Here you enter the name you want to be known by in Google+. You can change this at any time. I highly recommend that you upload a picture of yourself for your profile that is easily recognizable as you. If you don't upload any, you are simply a blue person. Not very easy for someone to connect with you if you have a common name, and several people with "Joe Smith" and a blue profile appear on a search.

When done click the blue "Upgrade" button
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Google+ differs from other social media sites (such as facebook) in many ways, most notable (and appreciated) are "circles" and video "hangouts" (think video conference call). Unlike other sites where all of your contacts see everything you mention or post, Google+ allows you to group each contact into one or more circles. This allows you to send a message, post, or picture with certain circle(s) or a single person.

As an example, you may have a Co-worker circle with Pam, Ted, Mary and Bob in it. In another circle (Family) you have Sam, Fred, and Mary (Mary is your sister-in-law and co-worker). When you share a family picture, you could share it with your Family circle. Only those in your Family circle would see the picture, Pam, Ted, and Bob would not see it.

Similarly, when you follow Google+ pages, you can place those into circles as well. When you group similar pages in 1 circle, you can browse those pages and their posts easier. You may create a circle Sports, where you put in your favorite football team page, tennis player page. You can then view that circle to see all of your sports updates and nothing else.

On the 2nd step in setting up your Google+, Google gives you an opportunity to start off your Google+ experience by adding people to your circles right from the start (There is no need to add any of these people to your circle right now, you can add everyone/anyone later).

Click the blue "Continue" button when you are done here.
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In this 3rd step, you have the opportunity to enter in a little but more about yourself to help others find you easier. This is also another place where you can upload your profile picture if you haven't already done so. As always if you choose to not enter any of this info, you can do so later by editing your profile. When you are done simply click the blue "Finish" button.
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Congrats, you are now set-up with Google+. You are now presented with your very own page, and the Splash screen to take a tour, and learn more about Google+. You can take a few minutes to review what Google+ has to offer. You can also choose "Continue to Google+", as you can always access this splash screen from your page (shown on next step).
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Whenever you want to take the built-in Google+ tour, simply click on the gear icon near the top right of the page, and choose the "take a tour" option.
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To follow our Google+ page, near the top of your Google+ page enter KnowledgeCoop in the search bar, and select the page that pops-up as shown.
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Here is a screenshot of our page (what you see will be different due to updated posts). We'll now point out a few useful place on a page using ours as an example. Notice the 2 circled areas. The one on the top is where you choose to follow or unfollow a page. Please click the follow button now, and select one of your circles to put us in. You can create a new circle on the fly called "AWESOME pages" and choose it (okay perhaps Loan Officer sites, or Work Related).

The next highlighted area is the +1 button. Have you seen this before? Similar to a facebook like, when you +1 a page those in your circles that you allow can see the pages, or other's posts that you like. When you are browsing the web, you will notice many sites have this +1 icon to like a website, recipe, and more! Please Take a moment and click the +1.
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Here is what those areas should look like after you have chosen to follow us as well as give us a +1 (shout out).
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One last common item on a Google+ page, and that is the share button seen here. By clicking this you can share this page (or comment) within Google+ to your circles, a certain person, or all the users of Google+ (public)
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Once you click the "share" option you will be presented with the share box where you can add your own comments, as well as choose exactly which circles you want to share this page with! See the value of circles? Pretty nice! You can choose any combinations here, You can choose 1 circle, plus 3 individuals, or 2 circles, no individuals, just individuals etc.
2 items that I encourage you to check out from here. The first are Hangouts. On the upper left you will see a camera icon and start a hangout. You may or may not be prompted to set up your camera and microphone if not already. You then choose who you want to invite to your Hangout (up to 9 at the time of this writing) and Viola, you can video conference in real time for free.

Lastly, if you have an Android, iPhone , or tablet, get the free Google+ app. You can do practically everything with the app that you can with the full site, including hangouts, posts, reading posts, messenger (a chat/text feature with up to 50 participants at once), and even a local feature with reviews, and more!

Want to add more to, or change your profile? Easy. On the left hand side of Google+, click the Profile icon (grayed out). Near the top of your profile page you will see the blue Edit Profile button, click here to change your name, profile picture and much more.
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