How To De-Worm Your iPhone
Posted By: Mr. NeedInstructions; Category: Consumer Electronics; November 23, 2009
Author Patrick Miller; Website: Tags: worm, slow, iphone 3Gs, iphone, hacked;


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iPhone behaving badly? Here's how to find out if you've caught a worm--and how to get rid of it.

So you jailbroke your iPhone. Maybe you wanted to try out some of the third party apps. Maybe you just wanted to tweak your interface. Either way, you did it without changing your root password. Now you're helplessly staring at a picture of Rick Astley, thanks to one of the new iPhone worms that are running wild--or worse, your personal information, including online banking data, could be compromised. Here's how you can figure out which worms your iPhone might have, get rid of them, and ensure that they don't come back.
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