How To Make A Healthy Egg White Spinach Omelet
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Tired of those bagels or sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches? Are you looking for something light, healthy and filling? If so you will love this healthy egg white spinach omelet recipe. Here in this instruction I will give you the steps to cook your very own healthy egg white spinach omelet.
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You will need the following ingredients:

3 Eggs or ¼ cup eggs whites
Frying Pan
Measuring cup

Non Stick Spray or 1tsp of Butter
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First, you will need to heat up your frying pan on the stove. Make sure your heat is on medium.
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Next you will need to take out your measuring cup. If you have your egg whites in a container you can pour ¼ cup of your eggs whites. If you are deal with regular eggs as in this instruction, you will need to pour out everything out of the egg expect from the yoke.
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Rinse your spinach.
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Once your frying pan is heated up you can then spray your non stick spray or add 1 tsp of butter. Now if you have a non–stick frying pan you can skip this step.
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Place your egg whites into your heated pan. Make sure you spread the egg white so that is covers the pan. You will need to watch your eggs as it cooks.
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As your eggs are cooking you will want to add the spinach.
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If you like, you can also add cheese.
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Once your eggs are golden brown you will want fold over your omelet. Here you will want keep you omelet on the frying pan for another minute, so that the inner part of the egg can cook with your spinach.
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You have now cooked yourself a healthy egg white spinach omelet. So enjoy!
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