How To Pan Fry Shrimp
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Are you looking for new ways to cook shrimp? Would you like to learn how to pan fry your shrimp? If so, this step by step recipe will show you how to pan fry your shrimp so you can start enjoying them!
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You will need the following ingredients:

* Fresh shrimp with the heads cuts off
* White cooking wine
* Frying pan
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You will want to preheat your frying pan on a medium heat on the stove.
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Once you pan is preheated you will then want to add some of the white cooking wine into the pan.
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Next you will want to add the fresh shrimp into the frying pan.
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Once you have added your shrimp into the frying pan, you will want to add a little more white cooking wine over the shrimp.
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While your shrimp is cooking, you will notice the edges of the shrimp to become a pinkish red.
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Once you see the edges pinkish red you will want to flip over the shrimps.
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Once you have fried the other side of the shrimp, you have completed frying your shrimp. Your next step will be to enjoy your shrimp!
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