How to Make Fruit Salad
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Looking to make a great healthy snack? Fruit salads are a delicious dish that is good for everyone. This recipe will teach you how to take your favorite fruits and create the best fruit salad.
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You will need the following:

* Apples
* Apricots
* Blackberries
* Cherries
* Grapes
* Blueberries
* Oranges
* Peaches
* Pears
* Plums
* Raspberries
* Strawberries
* Any other fruit you may enjoy having in your fruit salad
* Knife
* Any type of fruit juice you will enjoy
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You will want to wash all your fruits.
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Peel and chop up your fruits into bite-size pieces.
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Add you chopped up fruit into a bowl. Then add a splash of your favorite fruit juice in your bowl of fruit.
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Place your fruit salad into the refrigerator for a good 2-3 hours or in till it is chilled.
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Once it is chilled you can now serve and enjoy your fruit salad!
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