How To Prepare/Cook Cube Steak
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Cube steak is a great cheap steak that you and your whole family will enjoy. Here is a simple and easy to prepare recipe to get you started cooking your cube steak.
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You will need the following ingredients.

* Cube Steak
* Worcestershire Sauce
* Salt & Pepper
* Season Salt
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Cover your cube steak with Worcestershire sauce. Then you will want to add a dash of salt, pepper and season salt on your cube steak.
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Heat up your cooking pan. You can also spray an nonstick spray if need be.
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With your cube steak cooking, make sure you flip the steak over once in-between cooking time to sear each side. Your cube steak should cook as long as you desire. Since some prefer medium-well or well done you will have to monitor your cube steak closely.
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You now have now prepared/cooked your cube steak. Now you can add any side dishes and enjoy your meal.
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