How To Prepare Your Elementary Aged Child For The First Day Of School
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Every parent or guardian wonders how to get their child ready and excited for the first day of school. After reading the following steps, you child will have the confidence to start the next grade.
Make sure that all the schools supplies are purchased and set aside in a specific place so they aren’t forgotten about. Don’t forget to label the supplies with your childs name and class. Also, make sure to write down your current home and cell phone number in their notebooks in case your child or the teacher needs to contact you.
Make your childs favorite lunch together (make sure it is something that isn’t perishable because most schools do not refrigerate the childrens lunches)
Awhile you are making your childs lunch, have a discussion of what’s on their mind about school such as who is in their class or who they hope their teacher will be and why.
Discuss the plan of drop off and pick up of your child from school. Make sure the child is familiar with the person picking them up if it isn’t you.
Before bed, pick out an outfit with your child for them to wear on the first day. Keep in mind that they have to wear it and not you so please remember to consider their personal style and opinion. Let them wear what they want as long as it’s appropriate.
Make sure your child goes to sleep early the night before and make sure to set the alarm a half hour earlier than normal for school. The first day is always chaotic in the home and at the school so getting a head start will be less stressful and very beneficial.
After your child is up and ready, make sure they eat a hearty breakfast. You will find out what time lunch will be when you get to school.
Send your child to school with words of encouragement. Even something as simple as “have a great day” can make a difference.
When you arrive at the school, introduce yourself to the teacher. This may be a very busy time for him or her so don’t get offended if all of your questions cannot be answered at one time. The main office usually has all of the answers to general questions like which exit your child will be dismissed at or what time is their lunch period. Also, your child probably will be sent home with numerous memos covering common questions and concerns.
Most importantly, relax and know that your child is in a safe environment.
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