English Class and Wanting to Succeed
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First you would want to have a goal in life, set your priorities and go from there. Always keep going forward and not let any obstacles get in your way from getting what you want out of life. Never be afraid to ask questions, keep yourself motivated and try to learn as many things as possible because it will help you out in your future. Never be afraid to follow your dream to make a better life for yourself. Always ask for help from your family and friends, they can help you as well, they may know more than what you already know. No matter how hard it looks it will all pay out at the end and opens the door for a brighter future.
Set a goal.
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Know what you want out of life.
Make it happen.
Try to learn as much as you can with knowledge.
In the end all the hard work you have done will pay off at the end for a better future.
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