How To Do Laundry
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We all hate doing laundry but we know it must get done! This instruction will get you on you way to learning how to do your own laundry from start to finish. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get those clothes washed!
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Sort through your clothes and divide them into 7 different piles. If you are unsure what type of pile it should be in, read your clothing label to determine this.

The seven piles should be:
* Whites
* Dark Colors
* Bright Colors
* Permanent Press
* Delicates
* Heavily Soiled
* Dry Clean Only
* Wired Bras
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Once you have divided your clothing into different piles you will then want to start up your washing machine, for each type of clothing setting. Remember to consult with your wash machine manual (which can be found on on how to operate your wash machine.
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Once you started up your washing machine on its pre-setting, you will want to add the detergent and bleach, “if your clothes are white” while the water fills up in the washing machine. Remember to read the directions on the detergent and bleach bottle on how much you will need to add for your wash.
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After the washing machine is half way filled, begin to add your dirty clothes into the wash machine.
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Next you will want to close the lip to your wash machine. Note: If you are using a front load wash machine you must also remember to close and lock the door.
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Optional: Once your wash machine hits the rinse cycle you can add fabric softener. Remember to read the directions on the fabric softener bottle on how much you will need to add for your wash.
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Once your wash is complete you will want to put your clothes into the dryer. Remember, there are usually 3 settings to a dryer: low, medium, and high. So make sure you read your clothing tags to know which setting you will need to dry your clothes on.
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Now that you added your clothes into the dryer and you have determined which drying setting you will need to select, you can also add a dryer sheet which will remove static from your clothing.Dryer
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After the dryer has completed you can remove your clothes from the dryer and start to fold you clothing.

And now you have clean clothes…until next week!
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