How To Dress For The Gym
Posted By: d_giordano ; Category: Fashion, Style & Personal Care; October 20, 2008
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Anyone who frequents the gym knows that a vast number of guys fail to wear the proper attire. How often have you seen some guy on the bench press wearing jeans or cargo pants? Worse yet, have you ever had the displeasure of witnessing a man doing squats in spandex shorts?

The gym is perhaps the most important setting to wear the proper clothing because sporting baggy clothes, long track pants or ill-fitting shoes may result in injury. And since you're trying to dress well to avoid getting hurt, you might as well be fashionable doing it. Many men take their gym clothing for granted, throwing on an old shirt and some sweatpants. They figure that they'll just sweat all over it anyway, so why wear something nice?

This attitude, however, will get you nowhere; the gym is just like any other setting in your life where it is important to be fashionable. You are as likely to meet a potential girlfriend or boss at the gym as you are at the mall. Why look good in one setting and not in another?
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