How To Organize Your Closet
Posted By: d_giordano ; Category: Fashion, Style & Personal Care; October 20, 2008
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If you’re a busy person on the go, you can minimize prep time in the morning and gain valuable minutes by creating a closet that’s as organized as your timetable. Putting the clothes in your closet together in a way that makes intuitive sense means that it’ll be easier to create outfits that look good and you won't have to agonize over what to wear. Plus, if you learn how to organize your closet, you’ll never again have to rush around frantically searching for your favorite shirt or belt while worrying about whether you’ll be late for a meeting or social event.

To find out how you can sneak in some extra time to read the last few pages of a company report or even just give yourself time for a more leisurely breakfast, read our top tips on how to organize your closet.
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