How to dress up fashionably: Tips for pregnant women
Posted By: ava; Category: Fashion, Style & Personal Care; November 3, 2008
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Getting pregnant does not mean you can no longer be fashionable. Here are a few tips on how to be an fashionable soon-to-be mom.
Choose comfort. When you’re pregnant, fashion comfort should always be your priority list.
Wear flats. Aside from they’re safer, flat footwear will make it comfortable for you to walk around.
Don’t be scared to look pretty and sexy. It doesn’t mean that because you’re pregnant, you can no longer look pretty. The fashion concept of “maternity dresses” has evolved. There are a lot of sundresses especially made for pregnant women. Don’t be scared to try these on.
Bring a light bag. Keep your bag light and easy-to-carry.
Accentuate parts of your body which you feel comfortable with. Flaunt your collar bone. Your tummy may get bigger and bigger but your collar bone will always have a structure.
Wear A-line skirts. A-line skirts give enough room for your tummy.
Wear above-the-knee dresses. Short skirts or dresses can make you look thinner.
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