How to have the perfect wedding gown
Posted By: ava; Category: Fashion, Style & Personal Care; November 4, 2008
Author Ava A.;
Little girls dream of themselves wearing the perfect wedding gown when they grow up. Live up to this dream. Here are few tips for brides-to-be in choosing the perfect wedding dress.
Browse on bridal magazines. Check out bridal magazines for the current bridal gown trends.
Find a designer. Look for a designer whom you can trust.
Show him your chosen design. Give him a “sketch” or a picture of your desired bridal gown style for his peg.
Give him a glimpse of your personality. Your gown should reflect your character and personality so don’t be scared to show your designer who you really are.
Give him your target budget and work on it.
Choose comfort. Over style, comfort should always go first. You would not want to keep fidgeting on your wedding day.
The simpler, the better. Simple gowns could flaunt your face and beauty.
Look for a make-up artist ahead of time. Match up your gown with an elegant make-up to highlight your facial features.
Ask your designer to pick the pair of shoes which will best match your gown. Entrust the quest for the perfect pair of shoes to your designer as well. He know what will best suit his creation.
Feel beautiful and confident. Inner beauty radiates. Feel beautiful and pretty during your wedding day. Stop thinking too much and be a beautiful a bride.
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