How To Look Taller
Posted By: ava; Category: Fashion, Style & Personal Care; November 7, 2008
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Almost every woman dreams of getting a supermodel body. Below are tips to help women look taller without having to undergo surgery!
V-neck makes you look taller. When you show your neck, it makes you look “more stretched.”
Straight pants add height. Choose straight-cut pants over bootlegs or skinny jeans. Straight-cut can make your legs look longer; thus, you, taller.
Wear single-breasted jackets. Some jackets have extra padding in the chest. If you want to look taller, winter jackets are not for you. The extra pads can make you look fluffy and fat.
No gladiator shoes. So we all know that gladiators are in the trend. When you wear strappy glads up into your knee, this simply cuts your height and make you a lot shorter. Wear heels instead.
Midline vertical details. Horizontal prints make you look fatter and shorter. Vertical prints make you look thinner and taller.
Avoid wearing empire waist dress cuts. Empire cut dresses can make you look like you have “the bump.” This does not help making you look elongated.
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