How dress up fashionably
Posted By: ava; Category: Fashion, Style & Personal Care; November 8, 2008
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Who doesn't want to look fashionable? Looking fashionable can help us make a better social life. Worry no more! Now, you sure can with these brilliant fashion ideas.
Only 1 fashion statement every time. If every piece that you wear makes a screaming statement, you'll make a big fashion horror of yourself. Pick only one piece to keep you a standout. Whether it's your bag or your foot wear, stick to only one.
Simplicity is beauty. Keep it simple. Avoid too much make up as much as possible. Let people admire you for your natural beauty.
Wear vintage and look stunning. If you want to keep it safe, vintage is the trend to go. More than keeping you safe, it can also make you look beautifully stunning.
It's all in the stares in the stands. Walk with an attitude. Feel confident about anything that you wear. Keep your head up high all the time.
Observe proper hygiene and keep yourself looking neat all the time. Keeping yourself look fashionable is not enough. One should learn how to keep herself clean all the time. Whether it's as simple as washing your hair everyday or visiting the salon twice a month – it does not matter as long as you keep yourself tidy all the time.
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