How to choose the right nail polish color
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For all of us who would rather groom our nails by ourselves at home, below are useful ideas and tips to guide us in choosing the right nail polish color.
Consider your skin tone. If you have a dark skin, pale and pastel colors such as baby pink or baby blue might not be for you. Dark-skinned girls usually look good in solid bright colors like mustard yellow or bloody red. Take time to ask your pedicurist about which color will look best on you before you finally try one out.
Keep it safe in a French tip. If you want to keep it safe, French tips will surely do. For instance if you have not finally decided yet as to which clothes to wear to the great ball, a French tip can manage to keep your nails looking well-groomed and stunning.
Don't wear nail polish at all. Whoever said that you need to wear nail polish in order for you to look good? The simpler is always better. Ask the pedicurist to clean your nails – that's all. Clean and with no color.
Do not always go with what is hot. Not everything that's hot will look good on you. Trying on everything that's hot is not highly advisable. For instance, before you have your nails printed all over, make sure that it won't make you like a trying hard barbie.
Consider the occasion you're attending and the clothes / dress that you'll be wearing. You have always dreamed of painting your nails with solid bright yellow so you did but you forgot that you're wearing a fuchsia pink gown. Always consider the color of the dress you're wearing before finally getting a polish.
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