How to Play Shy Marbles
Posted By: teresaschultz; Category: Games & Recreation; June 1, 2009
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Marbles are great fun, and can be enjoyed by all family members.
A marble shy is named after the number of marbles it contains, therefore a two man shy contains 2 marbles, and a ten man shy will have 10 marbles.
When constructing your shy, the marbles must be touching each other.
When constructing your shy, the widest side of the shy faces the thrower.
The thrower throws from a point marked by the owner of the shy. This is usually 1 pace per marble, measured from the front edge of the shy.
The thrower throws marbles at the shy in an attempt to hit the shy. If the thrower hits the shy, the marbles in the shy become the property of the thrower. All marbles thrown at the shy become the property of the shy owner.
Marbles are thrown at the shy underhand, and may not roll.
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