How to Have Fun with a Moat around a Sand Castle
Posted By: teresaschultz; Category: Games & Recreation; June 3, 2009
Author Teresa Schultz;


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Assuming you’re down at the beach and your sand castle is built, and you don’t want to break your castle down, dig a moat around the base of your castle.
Remove sand from around the sides of the castle, as wide and as deep as you like.
You will have to pack sand back where it falls away while you are digging. The sand you use to pack into fallen areas must be wet but not soaking. Pack it back as hard as possible.
Dig a channel leading toward the sea, to lead the water into your moat.
If your channel and moat are deep enough, it will be quite a while before the sea washes your castle away.
Wait for the tide to come in, and watch the water rush around your castle.
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