How to Make a Really Cool Movie
Posted By: teresaschultz; Category: Games & Recreation; June 3, 2009
Author Teresa Schultz;


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Mobile phone capabilities now include the ability to record video. Although the facility does not provide for a lengthy documentary, it does, depending on the phone, allow good quality high fidelity video. Here are a few tips to make your own videos.
Unless indoor lighting is really good, and there are no potential glare spots, record your video outdoors. Apart from glare spots, indoor lighting is harsh. Using the built in flash for lighting will decimate the battery power.
Use a broomstick or a tripod if possible to stabilise the phone while recording.
For low elevations, such as cats or dogs or model cars, get low, even flat on your stomach. A beanbag for supporting the phone is handy.
Don’t use too much zoom. Rather get closer to your subject.
Be careful of filming near water.
Don’t film in the rain.
Do not film your big sister and her boyfriend if you want to use your phone again.
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