How to Walk along the Beach with Your Imaginary Friend
Posted By: teresaschultz; Category: Games & Recreation; June 4, 2009
Author Teresa Schultz;


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T o do this, you first need to get permission to leave whichever asylum you’re being held in. Of course, if your friend is only imaginary, you may not be in an asylum at all. Hmm..., if your friend is real, but nobody else can see your friend, you shouldn’t be allowed out. Ever. But yeah, what the hell.
So you have a friend that is not real and you want to take a walk on the beach with this friend, be consoled with the fact that the sea sand inside the car is also not real.
Nor is the guy with the strait jacket, who isn’t trying to pin you down. The dude with the net isn’t there either, and there is definitely nobody around with a tranquilizer-loaded syringe.
Well now, they may be real, but its not you they want, it’s the invisible guy next to you who thinks he has a real friend.
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