How to do an Egg and Spoon Race
Posted By: teresaschultz; Category: Games & Recreation; June 4, 2009
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An egg and spoon race can have different rules depending on the ages of the children competing.
Let the competitors line up next to each other, each one holding a spoon with an egg on it, with one hand. Use boiled eggs for tiny tots and raw eggs for older children.
With one hand behind their back, the children race to the finishing line, trying not to drop their eggs.
If somebody’s egg comes off the spoon and falls to the ground in an older children’s race, using raw eggs, they’re obviously out of the race.
If using boiled eggs you can choose to go with either the rule of allowing the child to pick it up and go back to the start line to begin again (while the rest of the race goes on), or go with the rule of allowing the child to pick it up and put it back on their spoon right where they are, but you must ensure they take their hand off the egg they’ve just picked up and placed back on their spoon, before starting to walk or run again, putting the hand that picked up the egg back behind their back.
The first one across the finish line wins.
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