How to do the Elastic Band Ponytail Race
Posted By: teresaschultz; Category: Games & Recreation; June 4, 2009
Author Teresa Schultz;


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A bunch of elastic bands, a bunch of adults or children, and a bunch of funny looking hair styles...
Choose only girls or boys with slightly long hair for this race, or if having a team for a relay and you are picking members for your own team and seriously want to win, don’t choose friends, but rather choose people with longer hair.
Each competitor is given twenty to thirty elastic bands.
When you start the timer for 60 seconds, each competitor ties their own ponytails, tying as many as they can manage in the 60 seconds.
When the 60 seconds is up, everyone must drop their hands and stand still, waiting for the next call to action.
Have the children (or even adults!) do three forward rolls and then run to a finish line.
Teaching that quality is as important as quantity and speed, the first one across the finish line is only the winner if also has the most elastic bands in his or her hair.
The second (or third or fourth) person over the line may be the winner if he or she has the most elastic bands still in his or her hair.
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