How to Play Poker Dice
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To play poker dice, all that is needed is a set of Poker dice, failing which, a set of 5 ordinary dice will do.
A score pad and pencil will help, especially if 3 or more people are playing.
In turn, each player is allowed to roll the dice 3 times, but may stop after just one roll if fearful their second roll may be worse.
After the first roll, pick up only those dice that do not contribute to a good hand, even if it's all 5 you roll again.
What is a good hand? From the best to worst:
a run which is 5 consecutive numbers as in 1,2,3,4,5 or 2,3,4,5,6
super deuce which is all 5 dice having the same number
a full house which is a pair and a trip
deuce which is 4 dice having the same number
trip which is three dice having the same number
two pairs
one pair
Roll these dice again. Add any you like to the lot you have already put aside.
Repeat the previous step, picking up the poor dice, and rolling them again.
At this point, the face values of the dice are calculated, and noted. If you have rolled 3 times and still have no hands, your score is zero for that turn.
The other players now do the same.
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