How To Play Jem
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Here is a step by step instruction that will show you how to play Jem! Jem is a game where you have to find out where the treasure is and get there. It's very similar to cludo
Each player rolls two dice, the order of who goes when is determined by the numbers that each player rolls. Largest number goes first, smallest number goes last.If two of the players get the same number then they each roll again, the player with the larger number goes before the player with the smaller number.
The last player must then takes a card out of the deck of island cards, on the back it will have a name of an island, this is the island that the treasure is on. No one is aloud to see this card until they guess if a player guesses wrong they are disqualified from the game. When a player guesses the other players are not aloud to see their guess. The player must write down his guess before he/she guesses to prove he/she was rite. After the treasure card has been taken out it is put in the flap.
The first player must then deal out the deck of treasure cards and the deck of attack cards as evenly as possible, with out looking at any but their own.
The first player will then roll the dice, player can not move diagonally. The player will probably want to go to an island, this is because to figure out what island the treasure is on you must visit the island and ask one of the other players if they have the card with an island on it, you don't have to be on the island that you asking about, just any island and you can only ask one player each turn. If that player has the card, then it can't be the card in the flap. When answering if you have a card or not you must whisper it in there ear, unless you are playing with only two people. Each player will probably want a pen and paper to keep track of what cards they have found not to be inside of the flap. When on landing on the water be carefull, other players are free to give you attack cards on their turn.
As soon as you think you know what island the treasure is on, you must make your way back to port to guess, do not tell anyone your guess, especially if you find out that it is rite. If this is the case then you must make your way to the island and then say, "arggh i've found me some jems" and show the other players the card in the flap, first one to do this wins.
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