How To Become a Senator In The United States
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The United States works with 100 senate members and one third of these members will be elected for every two years. All the states in the Unites States will elect two Senators. So if your looking for a career in politics and would like to be a senator, follow these instructions to get you started on your path to become a senator.
Ensure that you should have at least nine years of U.S. Citizenship.

You must also be a residence in the state you are running for, and you must also be at least 30 years old of age.
You will need to obtain a application for nomination, that should be filed with the Secretary of State. The application should be accompanied with filing fee.
The filing fee varies for each state.
Next you will need to obtain nomination documents that will be available at your respective county office. You will need about 40 to 60 signatures required in the nomination form to be allowed to senator. The nomination signatures should be done by the registered voters of the same political party for which the person is representing.
Once you have filed to run for state senator you will then want to appoint a campaign committee. The campaign committee will address fund raising, advertising and public relations.
Check the State Web site or official guide to know the state’s campaign and running requirements.
Start your election campaign and keep your fingers crossed on election day.
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