How To Prevent Yourself From Getting The CDC H1N1 Flu Or AKA Swine Flu
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With the new epidemic of the CDC H1N1 Flu or aka Swine flu, many of us are try to do our best to avoid catching the flu virus. So here are a couple of instructions that should help you better avoid getting sick and catching the CDC H1N1 Flu or aka Swine flu.
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Wash your hands! I cannot stress this enough, you should always wash your hands. Since you use your hands to touch everything this is a easy way to transfer germs, so washing your hands will decrease your chance is transferring germs to yourself.
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Use a napkin or shoulder while you cough or sneeze. This goes back to the first instruction, try to avoid using your hands when you cough or sneeze.
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Purell should be your new friend. You should get yourself a little bottle of Purell and use in once in a while during the day. This will help keep you hands clean, and to kill and germs that may be on your hands.
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You should Lysol and disinfectant your household and office products weekly.
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When attending a restaurant, ask for a cup of hot water. Once you have your hot water place your silverware in the hot water. This will help kill any germs on the silverware. The reason for this is because most restaurants leave there silverware out all day and if someone coughs or sneezes these germs spread through the air and can land on the silverware. So using the hot water helps kill the germs that may be on the silverware.
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If you are traveling by air you should use a medical face mask. The reason for this is because in the airplane recycles the air and in case someone coughs or sneezes these germs will be recycled throughout the air cabin.
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