How to cure a stomach ache
Posted By: ethernum; Category: Health; November 3, 2008
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Stomach aches can be a huge pain, literally! There are ways to help cure stomach aches and here are some tips!
Eat a tums. Stomach aches sometimes are caused by the amount of acid in your stomach. Tums help aid this and will settle your tummy down in no time!
Use the bathroom.
Avoid spicy and greasy foods! We all love this stuff, but when it comes to your stomach, junk food can be particularly bad for it. Spicy food can even be a bit much... Avoid these things temporarily and your stomach should bounce back in time!
Lie down. Sometimes it helps to just rest. A stomach needs rest too!
Eat crackers. Crackers are bland and absorb the extra acid floating around in your stomach.
Drink some water or ginger ale.
Use a heating pad. Sometimes a heating pad will give you bits of relief.
Eat something!!!! Sometimes the reason your stomach is acting up is because you are hungry! Haven't eaten all day? Get your butt to the fridge!
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