How to Apply an Arm Sling
Posted By: ethernum; Category: Health; November 3, 2008
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Arm slings are used to immobilize an arm that has been injured or that requires support following an orthopedic or surgical procedure. The goal of immobilizing the arm is to reduce pain, prevent further injury and facilitate rapid healing.
Know that most well-stocked first aid kits include at least one sling, which will be triangular in shape. Some first aid kits include slings in two sizes: one for youths and one for adults.
Understand that even if you do not have a sling in your first aid kit, you can fashion a sling to apply to an injured arm from materials you have on hand, including belts, scarves, towels, sheets or articles of clothing. Whatever material you use, it should not stretch.
Determine which arm has been injured, and inspect it to be sure there are no punctures or lacerations that require treatment. If the arm is bleeding, you must control the bleeding before you apply the arm sling.
Find the long side of the triangular-shaped sling, and place it's uppermost point across the shoulder opposite the injured arm. The sling material should lay flat across the injured person's torso.
Bend the injured arm at the elbow 90 degrees, and draw the bottom-most point of the long side of the sling up over the injured arm and around the back of the person's neck. Both points should meet roughly at the top of the shoulder opposite the injured arm.
Check that the third point of the sling's triangle is positioned at the elbow of the injured arm. If it is not, reposition the sling to the correct position, taking care not to cause the patient undue pain.
Tie the sling behind the person's neck toward the uninjured side. To prevent chafing, place a piece of soft cloth between the knot and the person's skin.
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