How to Feel Better from Knee Pain
Posted By: ethernum; Category: Health; November 3, 2008
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Most people suffer from knee pain at one time or another. If we have any excess weight the knees take the stress. Also, running and certain sports will give the knees a pounding that results in acute pain. Arthritis causes a lot of painful knee problems. There are some things you can do for yourself that can make a big difference. Naturally, you would want to get a doctor's diagnosis to make sure it is a common problem and not something that warrants surgery.
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The first step with any inflammation is to cool it down with ice. In the case of a sports injury ice for 10-15 minutes on and off is a great first step. I don't recommend ice for arthritis. I was a massage therapist for 13 years and I am very familiar with joint pain.
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Next comes warmth from massage or a heating pad. Actually both is best. First warm up the knee for a few minutes and then massage the oil you have bought into the knee using circular friction movements. Massaging in this fashion suits the shape of the knee. You can do it for yourself or if you are lucky ask a friend. Professional massage is best but it is not in everyones budget.
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The massaging of the knee will not cause pain. Make sure it is oiled enough not to irritate the skin. Work all around the knee for at least 15 minutes. Now try to walk and see how you feel. You can do this as often as you want. It speeds up recovery. In the sports stadiums the work on the injured football, basketball, hockey and baseball players on and off all day which is why they get better so quickly. They do 10 minutes sessions every hour all day. You can, too. Good luck and speedy recovery. You can write to me with questions and I will answer you.
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