How To Practice Green Living
Posted By: ava; Category: Health; November 8, 2008
Author Ava A.;
We spend so much money on food and our personal practices – both at home and at work. Here are ways for home and workplace waste prevention:
Always use durable towels, napkins, dishes and other kitchenware. Invest on these items and go for longevity.
As an employee, bring your own utensils – mugs and tumblers – to work. You can avail of good discounts if you ask food vendors to serve your order directly through your mug.
There’s nothing to be ashamed of when taking home extra food. We tend to order too much whenever we eat out. When not consumed, the food left in the table does not go anywhere but the trash can.
For your excess food, feel free to arrange for food bank pick-up. Some of them donate the food to institutions that are in need of food to eat.
Check with your recycling coordinator and ask for help to compost vegetable food scraps.
If you’re one of the heads of a company, purchase a worm bin for your employees. A worm bin converts food waste like banana peels or coffee beans into high-quality planting soil.
For those who love coffee, buy unbleached disposable filters or reusable coffee filters.
Use natural cleaning products. Commercial cleaners contain toxins which may be harmful to the environment, to people and to pets. Natural cleaners have not only been proven to be effective. They have also been proven to be safe and harmless.
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