How to prevent a ticket from going onto your record
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No matter how safely you drive, you are bound to get a ticket at one point or another. Unfortunately, your insurance rates might go up due to even one of these tickets. But here are the steps to take to make sure your insurance company never finds out about the ticket.
When you get a ticket, you have two options to prevent it from going onto your record: 1. Take Defensive Driving or 2. Be on probation for a certain amount of time.
Call the court to see which of the two options are available to you. In most jurisdictions, both options are available.
Defensive driving is a better way to go, because if you decide to go with probation, should you get another ticket during the probationary period, both tickets will go on your record; whereas, if you get a ticket after taking defensive driving, only that ticket will go on your record -- and you can prevent that ticket from going on your record by going with probation.
If you are taking defensive driving online, ensure that the company you choose is accepted and recognized by your state; otherwise, you are just wasting money.
Take defensive driving soon, as you will need to present the certificate of completion to the court. If you take it too late, you will not get the certificate on time, and the ticket will go on your record.
If you have taken defensive driving already within the past 12 months, most courts only allow you to be on probation.
During your probationary period, because should you get a ticket during this period, both the initial ticket and the new ticket will go on your record.
Should you get a ticket dismissed by either taking defensive driving or probation, there is no reason for you to inform your insurance company. For instance, if you go for a rate quote and they ask you "are there any ticket on your record?," the answer is no. They will not see it. If you volunteer this information, they will be able to adjust the rates to account for your ticket.
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