How To Handle Yourself If You Get Hurt At A Ski Resort
Posted By: shahyan; Category: Legal; November 15, 2008
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So you decided to ski in dangerous conditions, and get hurt. Can you sue the resort?
No. When you knowingly take a risk, such as skiing or playing football, there is an assumed risk of injury.
This risk does not have to be explicit- i.e. you do not need to sign a paper stating that you are assuming the risk. The risk factor is implied in such activities.
Should you get hurt during these activities, since your risk was assumed by you, your case against the facility or the facilitators of the activity will not hold much weight. The defendant can use the "assumption of risk" defense to protect himself against your lawsuit.
This assumption, however, is not a given in all cases -- for example, you go skiing, but the slope you fall off of and break your leg has been there for a while and several other people have had the same injury. Not only that, the owners were aware of this danger and failed to inform you. In such cases, you might have a case against the defendant. Always consult a lawyer.
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