How To Upload A PDF Or Image File Instruction, Manual Or How To File
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Do you have an instructional file such as a PDF, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, or tif. If so below you will find the steps you need to upload your instructional file so the others can view your instruction.
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Login to your account. You will find the login on the top right corner on the site. If you do not have an account, first create an account at
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Once you have logged into your account, you will see a link on the top right hand corner that says, "Add a File Instruction Or Web-Link." Click on this link.
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First enter in a "Title" for you Instruction, Manual, or How To.
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Next enter in the "Description" of the instruction. The "Description" should be an overview of the Instruction, Manual or How To that you are creating. You should be some what detailed on what type of Instruction, Manual or How To you are publishing.
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You will then enter in the "Authors" name of the Instruction, Manual or How To. If you are taking this Instruction, Manual or How To from another source you need to enter in the original "Authors" name. If this is your own Instruction, Manual or How To, then you would either enter in your name or your screen name.
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After you have entered in the "Authors" name, you will now enter in the "Reference Web-Site." The "Reference Web-Site" is the main or homepage URL where the instruction, manual, or how to is coming from.
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You will then next select a "Category" that you believe your Instruction, Manual or How To would be suitable for.
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Next you will then enter in a "Preview Image." The "Preview Image" is the image of the overall Instruction, Manual or How To, that you are trying to publish. So if you are create your own Instruction, Manual or How To, to bake a cake you would then would want to upload the finial cake you have create for your "Preview Image."

To add a "Preview Image" click on the "Browse" button and search for the image you would like to upload as your "Preview Image."
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Once you have completed adding your "Preview Image" you then will select the "Format" of the instruction. In this case you have four options. Here you can select PDF if you instruction is a PDF file or you can select Image File, if your instruction is a jpg, jpeg, gif png, or tif file.
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Once you have selected the correct format a new File browser box will appear. Here you will browse for your instruction, manual, or how locally on your PC.
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Now that you have completed all your steps for your Instruction, Manual, or How To you can now publish your Instruction, Manual, or How To so that others can use the Instruction, Manual, or How To that you have made public. Simply click on the "Add Instruction" button and presto! You’re Instruction, Manual, or How To is now published to the site!
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