How To Travel Light
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Be anywhere you want to be with a light baggage. Take a look at these tips and find out how!
Use space saving towels. Avoid bringing bulky towels. Some shops sell towels in super-thin fabrics. Take these and you are sure to save big amount of space.
Put all important information online. You don’t need to bring your diary or contacts directory. Just send a copy to your email and you’ll be able to access it wherever part of the world you are.
Small toiletries. Don’t worry too much about toiletries. Your hotel is sure to have plenty of these. If you want to make sure that you won’t run out of soap or shampoo, then bring toiletries in small bottles.
Put small stuff into a plastic bag. Put your lipstick or your pens in a small plastic bag. It would be easier for you to locate small items if they are properly contained in small bags.
Set up an online journal to keep your friends updated. If you’d be gone for a long time, set up an online blog where you can post daily experiences or even pictures of your trip.
Put socks inside your shoes. You won’t believe how space-saving this technique is. Put your socks underwear, even hankies into your shoes. Of course, you have to make sure that your shoes are clean!
Bring medicine. You never know what could happen. Bring a first aid kit and a few medicines for common flu or fever.
Bring one book. You won’t be reading too much anyway. You will be exploring places. A book would be fine. If you crave for more readings, you can always swap your book with co-travelers.
Don’t bring expensive stuff. Bringing your jewelries and other expensive stuff will attract attention.
Don’t bring plenty of cash. Instead of bringing cold cash, bring your ATM or credit card.
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