How To Be a Good Customer
Posted By: ava; Category: Miscellaneous; November 1, 2008
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Below are helpful tips to help you become a good customer.
Don’t expect too much. High expectations, when not properly met, could result to a big disappointment.
Ask questions. Don’t assume. If you are not so sure about the service, ask about it until everything becomes clear to you.
Sustain an honest and open communication. Always be upfront about your expectations. Explain everything clearly and make sure that your message is properly conveyed to your service provider.
Be professional. If you want an excellent and professional service, act like a professional when giving out instructions.
Don’t save too much. Never ever sacrifice outcome for savings. Make sure that you examine everything – service providers or products – before finally hiring them.
Don’t be irrational. When things go wrong don’t flare up right away. Maintain professionalism. If you’re dealing with a good service provider, they’ll be more than willing to help you fix the problem.
Pay on time. The service was successfully delivered, do your part.
Show respect. It doesn’t mean that because you’re the client, you are always right. Know where you stand and where your provider stands.
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