How to have a good sleep
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Who doesn’t dream of a good sleep? After a hard day’s work, all we deserve is a good snooze to cap up the stressful day and to restore energy for the new day to come. Here are ten tips for a good and relaxing sleep.
Use your bedroom only for sleep – no work. Take the computer, television and other work materials out. Make a good sleeping environment.
Choose only the pillow, blanket, and bed that you’re most comfortable in.
Before your sleep, create a sleep-conducive atmosphere. Making the room dark, quiet, cool and comfortable can help create a good sleeping atmosphere.
Develop a soothing bedtime routine. Before sleeping, you may soak into a hot tub, read a book or listen to relaxing music to make you feel sleepy.
Always maintain a regular sleeping and waking up schedule even during weekends.
Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine a few hours before bedtime. This can cause several distractions and achieving a sound sleep would not be easy.
Exercise regularly. Doing so at least a few hours before bedtime is ideal.
Eat your dinner at least 2 to 3 hours before your bedtime.
Avoid eating sweets or chocolates close to your bedtime.
Keep chips or other finger foods away from your bed. Better yet, keep them out of your bedroom.
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