How to spend summer on your own
Posted By: ava; Category: Miscellaneous; November 8, 2008
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Whoever said that we always need to spend summer with our friends? Spending it by ourselves can be a lot of fun too!
Go backpacking. It's time you pack your bags and get yourself ready with the ultimate adventure. It's time to put the well-planned hotel reservations. Go somewhere only with your backpack.
Do not plan. Be spontaneous. Planning too much can sometimes lessen up the thrill. If you want a different kind of experience, avoid too much planning and just plunge. Do not worry too much about where to spend the night or not going short with money to spend. Bring with you maps of hotels on that area and a valid credit card instead.
Go to a place where nobody knows you. Forget about who you are in the mean time. It's time to find out how life is like to be not you.
Discover a passion. If travelling is not for you, discovering a new hobby will also spruce up your merry little summer. You'll sure have life's big surprise if you discover that you have a knack at surfing or diving.
Make new friends. Meet new people. There are probably millions of other people in this world who, just like you, are spending summer all by themselves. Identify with the same people who share the same feelings as you.
Earn extra income. Sacrifice on the ultimate summer experience and start the nest season with bang. Buy the coolest gadget in the market or treat yourself to a makeover.
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