How to standout in a party
Posted By: ava; Category: Miscellaneous; November 10, 2008
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Gone are the bad old high school days when always got unnoticed. This time, you should be town's most wanted party guest. How do you exactly become one and how can you make yourself a party standout?
Smile. A smile can make a lot of friendships in a snap. Smiling can give out a light and amiable impression of yourself. If you want to be the “it” of the party scene, flash those cute teeth as dimples and spruce up your social life.
Learn to chit-chat. Talk and share experiences and views with people but keep it moderate. Overreacting can scare people away and make the impression that you're being a show-off.
Know the rules of social drinking. Most good friendships are started over a bottle or two. Learn to drink but not too much. Whether it's wine or draft beer – keep it moderate as well.
Stay classy but flaunt a little of your humor. Humor can do magic. If you can make people laugh, you can get their affection right away. They will want more of you and send you invitations for the next party they're hosting.
Dress up fashionably. How you look tells so much about your personality. For instance if you want to belong to a circle of artists, dressing up like one can sure improve your social life.
Keep some mystery to yourself. As mentioned, do not spill you much about yourself. Once you have shared with them everything, they'll lose the interest to know you better.
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