How To Care For A Weimaraner
Posted By: Daveman584; Category: Pets; June 13, 2009
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Here is a step by step instruction on how to take care for a weimaraner dog. I currently have a weimaraner and here are the steps to fully care for a weimaraner.
Must feed and water your weimaraner. It is so important to feed and water your weimaraner. You should water your weimaraner 3 times a day and feed your weimaraner twice a day.
Walk your weimaraner daily. It is important to take your weimaraner out of the house and walk him around your neighborhood. Weimaraner's need to be taken out to do physical things and walking is a great activity.
Cleaning your weimaraner is also important. Washing your weimaraner once a week is great not only for you but for your weimaraner. So bathing your weimaraner once a week is a good thing to do.
Playing with your weimaraner. Playing with your weimaraner gives your weimaraner great social skills, so you should play with your weimaraner as much as you can.
Lastly, you should just love your weimaraner always!
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