How To Deal with a Fearful Dog
Posted By: Stacyh; Category: Pets; November 25, 2008
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A dog develops fearful behavior for many reasons, but a fearful dog can become a fear-biter if not rehabilitated and taught confidence.
Establish yourself as a confident leader - the alpha dog. Dogs understand pack hierarchy and fearful dogs are often in need of confident leadership. Confident leadership does not mean aggression and violence.
Do not coddle fearful behavior. Don't reinforce fearful behavior - especially aggressive fearful behavior- by rewarding it with petting, treats, and giving in.
Take the dog for walks. The pack leader literally leads the pack and walking your dog helps to establish you as the leader.
Expose your dog to different situations where you maintain control and can reassure your dog with consistent discipline.
Don't be jumpy or quick to back down when your dog snaps at you. Give a firm "NO" and continue feeding, grooming, etc. Backing down or fearing a fearful dog's act of aggression can reinforce the behavior. But do use some caution and good sense when dealing with a dog that could hurt you.
For an extremely fearful and aggressive dog, seek professional guidance and training.
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