How To Get Your Dog Ready For the Vet or Groomer
Posted By: Stacyh; Category: Pets; November 25, 2008
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Preparing your dog ahead of time for a Veterinary visit or trip to the Groomer will prevent a lot of the common behavioral problems and make these trips easier on you and your dog.
Prepare your dog for the experience well in advance by practicing or "playing" doctor or groomer. Touch and handle your dog the way the Vet or groomer might. Do this over several sessions.
Get your dog familiar with some of the sounds, objects, or smells it might encounter, if possible. For example, open alcohol for the dog to smell (not drink), let it sniff and see scissors, running water, or hear a blow dryer. Reward the dog with treats and create pleasant associations.
Be confident and calm for your dog when taking it to the Vet or Groomer. If you are nervous about how your dog may behave, your dog will pick up on this.
Walk your dog around outside before entering the building and let it get familiar with the territory and release pent up energy from the car ride.
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